The Land of Ooo is always in some form of danger. Will you help keep it safe or try to destroy it?
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 Potential Equivs. (Read and Review)

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PostSubject: Potential Equivs. (Read and Review)   Tue Aug 23, 2011 2:28 pm

Smartness (Intelligence):

1 – Animalistic. You are beast like in nature and cannot speak at all.
2 – Low Level Thinking. This level of thinking is better than the previous level but only by a little. You speak in choppy sentences.
3 – Below Average Thinking. You speak in full sentences at this point but doing a lot more than that can be difficult.
4 – Average Intelligence. You are a capable member of Ooo and can take care of yourself quite fine.
5 – Above Average Intelligence. You will be able to use reason and logic better than most.
6 – Educated Person. You must have been taught somewhere by someone, you can create gadgets but they are not very good.
7 – True Inventor. Things seem to come to you naturally and you understand things on a higher level than most people will ever be able to. Items will be more powerful.
8 – Genius. You are able to absorb knowledge like a sponge. If you don’t understand something odds are nobody will ever be able to either. Items become even more effective.
9 – Super Genius. Your head might be a bit larger than normal at this point. To say your smart is an understatement. Items are now devastatingly powerful.
10 – Omnipotent, you know all and nothing is beyond your knowledge. Any item you make could be the next big doom machine.

Muscle (Strength):

1 – Essentially crippled. You cannot so much as lift your own arms.
2 – Below Lightweight. Lifting your arms above your head is not impossible but it is still difficult.
3 – Lightweight. You are able to now lift about fifty or so pounds with little trouble.
4 – Below Average. You will be able to lift your own body weight while under stress but not much more.
5 – Average. Being able to lift about one hundred pounds easily you are not weak but you are not exactly strong either.
6 – Above Average. You will now be able to lift up to about three hundred pounds at your max and anything below two hundred will be child’s play.
7 – Olympic. You are much stronger than previous levels being able to max out at about five hundred pounds and anything below that is easy.
8 – Super Human. You will now be able to lift what might seem unliftable now; such as very large boulders, small houses, and possibly even medium sized trees.
9 – Demigod. Lifting things like large trees will be easy for you to do.
10 – God Like Power. You are now a near unstoppable force and lifting things like mountains, although it might seem impossible, will be within your grasp.

Whoosh (Speed):

1 – Nonmoving. You do not move at all, you are as fast as a tree that is firmly rooted to the ground.
2 – Very Slow. You are able to move at speeds slower than a tortoise.
3 – Tortoise. You can now move about as fast, maybe a little faster, than a slow turtle.
4 – Below Average. Running is not your best area, most things will be able to catch you very easily.
5 – Average. Though you are quick most animals can still catch you, although you might be able to outrun your friend.
6 – Above Average. You can run about as fast as the typical animals that might chase you.
7 – Gifted Runner. Running comes to you naturally and it shows most people will not be able to catch you.
8 – Superhuman Speed. You now run faster than most people think is possible .
9 – Even Faster. You run so fast that you have begun to blur at top speeds and you could be one of the fastest beings in existence.
10 – Everywhere at Once. People who move this fast are rumored to be able to be in all places at once but that is just a myth, or is it.

Toughness (Durability):

1 – Brittle. You are about as tough as a dead leaf.
2 – Fragile. You might be tougher than the last level but still easily broken.
3 – Eggshell. You are much harder to break now but not that hard really.
4 – Average. You can take a good bit of damage before you have any trouble now.
5 – Above Average. You can take a lot of punches before you start to feel anything.
6 – Boxer. At this point you would have been trained to be able to take the punch the way you do.
7 – Incredible. You seem to be able to take a lot of damage more than most would say is normal.
8 – Amazing. You can take awe-inspiring amounts of damage, you could be shot by a tank and be fine.
9 – Superhuman. If anything can hurt you then that is pretty amazing, lasers have next to no effect on you.
10 – Man of Steel. The list of things that can hurt you is much shorter than the list of things that cannot.

Magic (Supernatural Ability):

1 – Almost Nonexistent Power. You might be able to see in the dark a little better or something not very helpful like that.
2 – Weak Powers. Your powers might be helpful to you in noncombat situations but that is about it.
3 – Below Average. You are pretty good but you would at most be an apprentice.
4 – Average. You have had some training but you might need a little more.
5 – Trained Wizard. You can take care of yourself but do not get too cocky.
6 – True Wizard. You are combat ready and you probably know a few other things too.
7 – Natural. You have always been good with magic and you have honed your skills.
8 – Gifted Wizard. You can do things that people might find hard to believe is even possible.
9 – Powerful Warlock. You have trained for years and have become one of the most powerful wizards because of it.
10 – True Power. Doing the impossible is what you do raising the dead or caling upon near infinite power is common for you.

Specialty (Physical Ability):

1 – You have no talents. You are unable to do much more than any other person alive. Not much special about you.
2 – Limited Usefulness. You have a talent but it is not exactly useful in any way shape or form.
3 – Has Moments of Usefulness. Your talent comes in handy from time to time in very specific circumstances.
4 – Comes in Handy. Your talent might seem useless but it really is not as useless as it might seem.
5 – Use it All the Time. Your talents come in handy all the time and can be used easily in a plethora of situations.
6 – Very Useful. Your talents are capable of more than an ordinary person’s.
7 – Scary Useful. The number of situations that your talents get you out of are pretty amazing and you should not be regarded lightly.
8 – Always Handy. Your talents are easily more useful than almost anybody else’s and they know it.
9 – Usefulness Untold. The number of ways your talents come in handy is spoken of as legend and you have what may seem to be mastery of them all.
10 – True Mastery. You have mastered your talents to well beyond anything that could be conceived as possible and anything you do is legendary.

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PostSubject: Re: Potential Equivs. (Read and Review)   Mon Aug 29, 2011 9:08 pm

Edited. Added Muscle to the list.
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PostSubject: Re: Potential Equivs. (Read and Review)   Tue Aug 30, 2011 8:32 pm

I've added a few more updates.
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PostSubject: Re: Potential Equivs. (Read and Review)   

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Potential Equivs. (Read and Review)
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