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 Character Application Template

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PostSubject: Character Application Template   Sun Dec 25, 2011 1:57 pm

Real Name:
Title: (Is your character going to be easily known for something such as his abilities, job, or rank in the community? If so they might be known and recognized with a sort of nickname. For example, Finn is known and commonly referred to as Ooo’s Greatest Adventurer.
Alignment: (It will need to be one of the nine alignments for example Lawful Good, True Neutral, or Chaotic Evil.)
Species: (When you are not making up your own species you can use things like Whywolf, Dragon, or Candy Person just to name a few.)
Race: (If applicable)

Character Description/Image: (This will need to be very detailed, even with an image, so we can get a better understanding of what your character will look like. This can be a very long portion of your app and it should be taken very seriously.)

Personality: (This does not have to be super long but more than two or three sentences.)

History: (Detail is always more than welcome here and a good history can get other role player’s really interested in posting with you. Again this does not have to that in depth but the more the better in my opinion, although please do try to not be repetitive in order to lengthen the history.

Abilities: (This will be the extraordinary things that your character is good at or possibly even mastered such as sword fighting, gymnastics, or even magic. There is not a limit on the number of abilities you can have but you should never go overboard or overpower your character. All abilities will require at least one paragraph to explain how you got the ability and why you need it in the first place, something like 'Sword Mastery will need more explanation than something like 'Proficient Spitter'.)

Roleplay Sample: (This will be where people can see how you write and help them decide on whether or not they want to role play with you at all. This does not have to be of anything important it could simply be of your character getting out of bed in the morning. You just might not want to make it anything too off the wall so we can make sure everything is clear.)

(Also remember to remove all dialogue inside parentheses from your app when posting it. This will make the apps in general look much better in the long run. If you think there is something that should be added to the sheet just let me know and I will consider it. Thank you for your time.)
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Character Application Template
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